Veggies Keto Recipes

Veggies and Dip
A simple combination of mayonnaise and cream cheese make a great tasting dip for serving veggies!
Fudge Popsicle
You better make this after the kids go to bed so you don’t give away the secret ingredient! Avocado is the main ingredient cleverly disguised by chocolate […]
Cheese-Filled Olives
The creaminess of the goat cheese or Chevre cuts the sharp, briny flavor of the olives nicely. This snack has a very sophisticated taste and appearance!
Broccoli, Bacon, and Blue Cheese Melt
A delicious savory combination with strong flavors! If you are cooking for a crowd, the broccoli and melted blue cheese makes a great side dish for the […]
Chicken Enchilada Casserole
If you are not familiar with tomatillos, they look like a green tomato covered in a papery husk. They are most often cooked prior to eating and are typical […]
Chicken Tetrazzini
This tetrazzini is made with Tofu shirataki noodles. Shirataki is a lowcarbohydrate pasta replacement that some people enjoy on low-carb diets. They have […]
Cabbage Bolognese
A take on traditional Pasta Bolognese with cabbage as the noodles! If your ratio allows, calculate in some Parmesan cheese.
Crab Cakes and Tartar Sauce
Crab cakes are keto friendly and also make quite a large portion!
BBQ Pork Shoulder and Coleslaw
All the flavor of BBQ without any of the sugary BBQ sauce! Coleslaw is served as a crunchy and refreshing side.
Beef Mole
Mole is a traditional Mexican dish that combines chili peppers, tomatoes, and chocolate to create a full flavored, dark brown sauce. This flavor combination […]
Bake and Freeze Pizza
This pizza is a great all-in-one freezer meal for busy families. The toppings are baked right into the pizza, so it holds together very well for freezing […]
Fondue with Veggies
The addition of a thick cheese sauce is a great way to get kids to eat their veggies! Low-glycemic vegetables are calculated for this recipe; for lower […]