Sauces & Dips Keto Recipes

Veggies and Dip
A simple combination of mayonnaise and cream cheese make a great tasting dip for serving veggies!
Crab Cakes and Tartar Sauce
Crab cakes are keto friendly and also make quite a large portion!
Keto carbonara is made using a product called Tofu shirataki noodles. These are a pasta substitute that some people enjoy on low-carb diets. They tend […]
Beef Mole
Mole is a traditional Mexican dish that combines chili peppers, tomatoes, and chocolate to create a full flavored, dark brown sauce. This flavor combination […]
Fondue with Veggies
The addition of a thick cheese sauce is a great way to get kids to eat their veggies! Low-glycemic vegetables are calculated for this recipe; for lower […]
Fish Sticks with Tartar Sauce
The breading is omitted from the fi sh sticks, but this also allows room to serve apple sauce as a fl avoring for the oil. Although there is more oil than […]
Flax Crackers and Olive Tapenade
Crispy crackers and a salty, savory dip! Blend the dip with an immersion blender for a smoother consistency.
Olive Tapenade
Olive Tapenade.
Bolognese Sauce
Hemp Pesto
This pesto is amazing and I always have a stash in the fridge or freezer. It’s worth making big batches and having it ready to go- it defrosts really […]
Chicken Liver Pâté
Chicken Liver Pâté
Avocado Berry Cream