Eggs Keto Recipes

Chocolate-Dipped “Marshmallow”
Marshmallow texture is closely replicated by using dried, powdered egg whites that have been pasteurized making them safe to consume without cooking. The […]
Pumpkin Seed Muffins
Pumpkin seeds are a surprising ingredient in this muffin! You can find pumpkin seeds, sometimes labeled pepitas, in the international food isle in grocery […]
Vanilla Cupcakes
Light and fluffy vanilla cupcakes that taste very similar to the store bought box mixes!
Chocolate Custard
This chocolate custard is smooth textured and easy to make in large batches.
Cheese Crackers
Cheese crackers are always a hit. Mix up a batch and send them to school!
Basic “Sugar” Cookies
A very mild, soft texture cookie that is easy to make in large batches.
Brazil Nut Cookies
Brazil nuts are a plentiful natural source of selenium, but not usually a favorite of most kids. This cookie version creates a delicious, crunchy cookie […]
Jell-O® Puffs
Jell-O®-flavored puffs are a great snack to bring anywhere on the go. They are a nongreasy, snackable treat that is very easy to eat even for very young […]
Chocolate Cupcakes
Easy to make cupcakes with a light, spongy texture.
Fruit Tarts
A combination of three ordinary ingredients transforms into special keto cookies perfect for any holiday or celebration. Baking intensifi es the natural […]
Cinnamon Sugar Pecans
This is a rare, exciting treat where real sugar can be used. The tiny amount goes a long way and makes plain pecans a special snack. This also great to […]
Pop “Unders”
This snack is inspired by traditional popovers and is prepared in a similar fashion. The keto version has too much fat to “pop over” and instead creates […]