We all know that cooking a good healthy mean on a regular basis is tough. It’s something we all know we should do, something we all want to do for our families, yet there are always barriers in our way, whether they be time, knowledge or the food you purchased last week at the store.

The founders of Keto Nerd feel your pain. Have you ever heard of the Ketogenic Diet? It’s a low carb high fat diet which trains your body to use fat for energy instead of carbs, accelerating your weight loss and increasing your energy.

We know the struggle for a healthier life, a healthier family is real. How can we make this challenge easier? What steps can we take to help you achieve your weight loss goals? A simple answer is planning. We do the homework for you in deciding what meals are healthy, what ingredients they should contain, how often you should eat them, and exactly what you should purchase at the supermarket. Our weekly meal plans do all the heavy lifting and most dishes are ready in less than 20 minutes. Take a couple minutes to browse some of our healthy Keto recipes and sign up for a free 1 week meal plan.


Keto Meal Plans

We deliver easy and healthy recipes to help you meet your weight loss goals.  Remove the guess work and allow our nutritionists to create you weekly meal plans and grocery lists.



Our team of fitness experts can also provide a daily workout to help increase your weight loss.  Our daily workout requires little to no equipment and is created for people of all fitness levels.

Quick Start Guide

Keto Quick Start Guide

Our quick start guide includes everything you need to know about the Ketogenic diet.  Learn how this lifestyle works, how it can improve your life and why it is taking the diet world by storm.

How It Works

Sign up for your FREE 7 day trial.  If you decide that Keto is not for you, simply cancel before the 7th day.

We Prepare your menu

We will prepare a weekly menu and grocery list.  Each day you will have 3 meals and 2 snacks no more guess work of what to eat.

Enjoy and lose weight

Its simple, purchase the ingredients on your shopping list, cook the meals we suggest.  You will be happy, healthy and full of energy.

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